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FAQ’s for GridPro Modular Floor Tiles

At G1 we’re dedicated to providing Australian home and business owners with an innovative and versatile DIY flooring option. We provide high-quality, hard-wearing and attractive modular floor tiles through our one-stop online shop.

frequently asked questions

Why use garage floor tiles?

Garage floor tiles are a convenient flooring solution. They’re easy to install, require no experience to lay and can be removed as needed. Garage floor tiles provide a modern, clean and attractive aesthetic, helping to either cover up dirty, old concrete and repurpose your garage, or protect concrete flooring from incidental damage and spills. Modular garage tiles are a superior alternative for flooring thanks to their hard-wearing nature and DIY install system.


Are garage floor tiles any good?

Yes! Our garage floor tiles are made from polypropylene copolymer, with a UV stabiliser mixed in to the colour pigment. This material makes them extremely hard-wearing, able to withstand high heats, resistant to most common garage substances and fade resistant thanks to the UV stabiliser. Tires won’t leave marks and any spills can easily be wiped clean. GridPro, GridPro XL and DiamondPro modular floor tiles also have a compressive strength of 3,120psi and can support a rollover weight of 35tonnes, meaning they can support gym equipment, most vehicles and garage / workshop shelving without sustaining compression marks


How to install garage floor tiles?

Interlocking garage tiles are extremely easy to install and can quickly be laid in a day. They have a simple DIY peg and loop system, allowing the owner to lay their new floor within hours – without any prior experience necessary. We provide an Installation Guide for Ground One customers here: https://youtu.be/tmwHOsX-zEg


What does the 10-year Warranty cover?

We offer a 10year replacement warranty on manufacturing defects or faulty products so long as they are used correctly, and the customer retains proof of purchase. Please refer to your Warranty guide for further information.


frequently asked questions

Garage floor tiles vs epoxy?

Epoxy flooring is a chemical resin that is applied directly to the concrete, creating a protective coating for the flooring. Epoxy is widely used in large, high-foot traffic areas such as warehouses and grocery stores. Epoxy floors are skid-resistant, easy to clean, chemical, spill and stain resistant and have a long life-time. However, epoxy floors are also prone to chipping and when wet become very slippery. The biggest downside of epoxy flooring though is the extensive preparation and application time required. It can be a tedious process preparing the concrete for the resin, waiting for it to dry and enduring the epoxy fumes until the floor is set.

Modular garage tiles provide a barrier to the hard floor and can be laid over most surfaces without issue. Modular floor tiles help to protect the surface beneath, minimising incidental damage from drops or spills. They also help create a safer environment as they are non-slip and provide a more comfortable surface for walking/standing on for extended periods. Modular floor tiles are an ideal flooring solution in rental or short-term spaces as they can easily be removed. They’re also perfect for those wanting a quick and easy DIY flooring solution, as no extensive preparation work is required, and you can install your new floor in an afternoon – creating your ideal showroom, gym, man-cave, kid’s playroom or expo space with ease.


How many garage floor tiles do I need?

This is completely dependent on the size of your space! We provide our 400mm GridPro XL modular floor tiles in boxes of 25 tiles and our 330mm DiamondPro and GridPro tiles in boxes of 30. We have a helpful estimator tool on our Shop page to help you calculate the number of boxes required. 


What is the cost of garage floor tiles?

GridPro XL 400mm modular floor tiles are available in boxes of 25, DiamondPro and GridPro 330mm tiles come in boxes of 30 and you can calculate the number of boxes required to floor your space using our handy estimator tool. Total price will be dependent on the number of boxes required, but we suggest the following as a guide for standard garage sizes:

Single Garage: 3.5 meters wide x 6 meters long.

2-car Garage: 6 meters wide x 6 meters long.


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