DiamondPro Car Podium

DiamondPro Car Podium


Vehicle Podium packs are a fast, simple and captivating way for you to display your car whilst simultaneously keeping it off the dirty ground. Modular tiles allow you the flexibility to customise your design and colour combination to suit your individual needs. The entire podium can be quickly assembled or disassembled in a matter of minutes making transportation, cleaning or changing up your design very straightforward. Vehicle Podiums are ideal to use in both indoor and outdoor environments including home garages, showrooms or at car shows and events. The DiamondPro Tile design features a full tile, with no ribbing or venting, allowing you to effortlessly cover the area beneath your car in its entirety, for a fresh and vibrant new look. Additional tiles and accessories can be purchased separately to increase the size of your podium or to keep multiple colour options on hand. The enhanced aesthetics and sophistication achieved by a Ground One Vehicle Podium pack makes this flooring solution the ideal choice for any car enthusiast.

DiamondPro 330mm Tiles: x 105
Edge Ramps: x 44 (consists of 22x Male and 22x Female ramps)
Corners: x 4
Package Price: $899.00 Including GST (Usual price for individual products: $983.00)
Flat surface area: 2.31m x 4.95m
Overall Dimensions: 2.41m x 5.05m
Car Shows
Events and Expos


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